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VIDEO: Dutch parliamentarian refuses to shake hands with Israeli PM

The footage of the incident emerged early on Wednesday showing Dutch palimentarian Tunahan Kuzu, wearing a Palestinian flag pin on his coat straightaway snubbed Netanyahu.

Kuzu, a former Labour MP who has since founded splinter party Denk, made the gesture before a closed meeting between Netanyahu and the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, reported the Dutch News.

Netanyahu shrugs as both men nod in understanding. And the prime minister moves on to the next person.


Later in the day Netanyahu released a video from his plane in which he seemed to respond to the snub by Kuzu.

“Those who wrinkle their noses, let their noses stay wrinkled,” he said in a video posted to Twitter, quoting former prime minister Menachem Begin.

“Today, we saw another prime example of those who want peace and those who don’t want peace,” he said.

Netanyahu earlier in the day told senior Dutch politicians that “in many respects” Israel’s defense of itself served to protect Europe, too.





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