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VIDEO: Heartbroken baby monkey cries after mother ‘knocked to death’ by a car

TAMIL NADU: A heartbreaking video has emerged showing a baby monkey weeping after finding his mother lying dead on a road in India.

As the footage shows, the tiny animal rushed to its mother’s side and tried to wake her up as she lay lifeless on the side of the road in southern India last week.

Bystanders on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka National highway looked on in tears as the baby monkey whimpered and desperately clung to its mother.


Witness K Saravanan told the Times of India: ‘Losing a loved one will be painful not just for human beings. Animals too mourn. We saw the young monkey weeping over the carcass of its mother.’

The monkey was eventually held back as police took the mother away to be cremated.

One onlooker told the paper that ‘The baby monkey jumped from one tree to another tree and followed us when we carried the carcass.”



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