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WATCH: This homemade solution can prevent hair fall, rejuvenate damaged hair

Hair fall can lead serious blow to your wish to look smart and a receding hair line makes it difficult for one to look beautiful.

The hair damage and hair fall could be reversed with special care and proper treatment but using too much chemicals can lead to more damage.

One can find some expensive products in the market claiming to make your hair healthy again. However, we are introducing you a home-made recipe which can be made cheaply and does no damage to one’s hair.


Bitter almond oil 1 tbs

Vitamin E oil 1 tea spoon

Snake oil 1 tbs (you can find it in big markets like Empress Market in Karachi)

Method to apply oil

Part your hairs from different sides. Gently apply the oil on your scalp. Leave it for a few hours and then wash it thoroughly.

Within one week you will feel its effect.



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