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VIDEO: India’s controversial Swami Om beaten up by women in public

NEW DELHI: Swami Om is no stranger to controversy, and whenever he gets off news items, a controversy pops up and drags him into limelight but not at all for positive reasons. And this happens in a spiral.

Ever since his stint in Bigg Boss season 10 made him a household name of sorts, the self-proclaimed godman has managed to stay in limelight. It seems the man gets beaten up almost wherever he goes, the most recent being at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, where he had gone join in the candle-light march in the Capital held condemning the Amarnath terror attack on pilgrims. While it is not clear what triggered the people, the video is going viral on Facebook.

This incident comes within two months of Swami Om being beaten up at another Delhi event, where he had been apparently called as a guest.



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