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VIDEO: Karachi motorist falls into deep pothole

KARACHI: A motorist in Karachi fell into a deep pothole filled with sewage water on Monday in the Gulberg area, ARY News reported.

According to the details, a man, riding a motorcycle, was on his way home when he suddenly fell into the pothole in the Gulberg area located in Karachi’s District Central.

The drowning motorcyclist called for help but no one paid attention،

The man claimed that the pothole was formed during the pipeline repair works carried out by the local administration two months ago.

Amidst the water crisis, power shortages, pollution and lack of proper waste management, another grave matter that requires immediate attention are the dilapidated roads of the city.

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Karachiites are still suffering disasters of the heavy monsoon rainfall that had hit the city in August and September.

Earlier in August, a giant hole in the earth had gobbled up several vehicles parked on the road near the Shaheen Complex building which caved in during the heavy rainfall in Karachi.



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