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‘Bizarre’ video shows men pushing plane at Indonesian airport

JAKARTA: A group of people – mostly technicians and airport employees – were captured in a viral photo and video pushing a plane along an Indonesian runway. 

The bizarre incident involving an aircraft is believed to have unfolded at Tambolaka Airport in the province of East Nusa Tenggara.

Around 20 men were seen slowly pushing the plane backwards in the direction of the terminal as passengers on board filmed the pandemonium.

Social media users suggested the plane had broken down and passengers were forced to help, but the airline soon put an end to the speculation.

Plane indonesia men push

The airlines’ public relation officer revealed the pilots took a wrong turn after landing and became stuck.

‘After the plane landed, it should have turned left towards the apron [parking area]. The plane missed [the turn] slightly,’ he said, according to Detik.

‘There was no pushback available, the thing that pushes and tugs aeroplanes back. So it was pushed by technicians and employees at the airport.

‘Everything is running smoothly… Everything is fine,’ he reportedly concluded.



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