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VIDEO: Monkey caught stealing, drinking petrol from bikes in India

PANIPAT: A group of bikers in an Indian city were raged that their bikes were repeatedly being drained of petrol, until they found a real culprit – and it’s a monkey.

The monkey was spotted not only stealing the petrol but also drinking it like beverage. A video, which has surfaced on social media, features a monkey tugging on a bike pipe and drinking from it.

monkey petrol India

It all started some bikers in Insaar Bazar, Panipat found the petrol tanks empty. To catch who the culprit was, they decided to keep a watch. To their astonishment, it was none other than the monkey that you will see in the video.

According to a report in UPI, Gaurav Leekha, in-charge of a volunteer organisation in the city, said “The Monkey was clearly addicted to the petrol. If would refuse to eat even bananas and nuts if anyone offered. It would not trouble anyone as it was perhaps always high.




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