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Video of Pakistani-American’s Aladdin magic carpet goes viral

The video shows 22-year-old Masood Khan floating around and casually cruising through traffic while dressed up as the Disney character.

Khan, who became an overnight celebrity after his video looped over 34 million times on Vine, a video-sharing service, spoke to Saudi Gazette from his current home in Chicago.

Khan said he was happy that he was able to come up with a creative Halloween costume to the delight of people all over the world.

“I woke up and decided to go out with my Aladdin outfit for a day with my magic hover carpet board. I dressed up as Aladdin and draped a rug over a hover board, creating my own ‘magic carpet.’ As any normal person would do, I floated around town, took the main roads to get to Walmart and then I got hungry so I took a trip to get some McDonalds,” he said.

He asked his social media followers to assist him in a global drive to collect winter coats for Syrian refugees.



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