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Video showing overturned customized van moving backward goes viral

Vehicles move on their tyres normally, however, what happened with a customized van in the United States (US) has baffled people as the video showed it moving backward after being overturned.

The video shot in the US state of Michigan showed three people climbing an upside-down vehicle and then driving it backward.

It emerged that the footage features a 1985 GMC van which has been customized so that it drives with its roof just four inches above the road surface.

The clip, filmed in south-east Michigan, shows the three people enter through the back doors of the vehicle as the person filming comments that they are just ‘going out for a ride in the van’.

However, as the engine growls into life the entire van starts moving – despite being upside down.

So is it some sort of a gravitational force working or a magic trick is explained in a second video showing how the van works.

According to media reports, the overturned 1985 GMC van is the brainchild of a Michigan man called Cody who works for 545 Lawn Care.

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The van was prepared as holes have been cut into the roof so that four new tires could be slotted through, leaving a clearance of just four inches above the ground.

Then new seats were installed by bolting them to the roof which now acts as the floor. Blacked out glass has been fitted in all the old windows to hide the work that has been carried out on the interior.

Side panels were removed and fitted back onto replacement hinges that open vertically to create gull-wing doors. The vehicle is road legal and is driven during parades and car shows. It was being driven on Memorial Day in the video.



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