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AJK girl stranded in IOK asks PM’s help

KARACHI: A girl from Azad Kashmir, who has been stranded in Indian-occupied Kashmir after divorce, has made an appeal to the prime minister for help.

Following her marriage, Kubra Gillani went to Jammu Kashmir in 2010. Kubra’s spouse parted ways with her after she could not bear a child and expelled her from his house.

She has been left stranded along 250 other girls who want to come back to Pakistan but Indian authorities are not allowing them to leave the territory.

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Mother of Kubra has also sought help from the government for bringing the divorcee back.

“I, Kubra Gillani, belong to Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. I was married in Jammu Kashmir in 2010. Now I have been divorced. I am extremely troubled here.

“At least 200 to 250 girls are stuck here who want to come back to Pakistan. I want to say to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the interior minister and foreign minister that please do something immediately for our way back home,” Kubra Gillani requested through a video message.

Talking to media at Muzaffarabad Press Club, mother of the victim also requested the higher authorities to intervene in the matter and bring back her daughter.



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