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VIDEO: Pilot dies as airshow stunt goes wrong in Italy

A horrific moment was recorded on camera by hundreds of thousands of onlookers when a Eurofighter pilot crashed into the sea after a stunt went wrong during an Italian airshow.

Captain Gabriele Orlandi was killed when the Italian Air Force F-2000A Typhoon crashed into the sea just off the coast of Terrancia – 47 miles south of Rome.


The accident happened during an air show on the seafront of TerracinaShocking Twitter footage shows the £125m aircraft streaking above the clouds as it starts a huge loop-the-loop manoeuvre.

But the trick went horribly wrong when the jet plunged towards the sea as the desperate pilot battled to regain altitude.

Italian airshow

Sickened onlookers can be heard gasping as the Typhoon smashes into the Mediterranean sea, leaving a huge plume of water and debris hanging in the air.

The remains of the 36-year-old pilot were recovered 90 minutes after the crash.

“It was terrible. The plane should have touched the water and then traced back but instead crashed to the sea,” one spectator told a local website.



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