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VIDEO: This bike lock makes thieves vomit ‘non-stop’

WASHINGTON: Have you ever been a victim of bike theft? Well, a new innovative lock is here that wont only deter such thievery but make the mugger pay the price.

Many thieves are nowadays equipped with lock-picking equipment, bolt cutters, or power tools.

Named SkunkLock, this new device is a hardened medium-carbon steel U-Lock that’s as difficult to compromise as the strongest U-Locks, and comes with a surprise, says its inventor Daniel Idzkowski.


 “After witnessing first hand, and becoming victims of bike theft ourselves, we realized that people don’t need a bigger stronger lock, we needed a lock with a fundamental deterrent, the Telegraph reported Idzkowski as saying.

He said it took them six months to create the equipment.

“Its pressurized inside with anoxious chemical deterrent that slams the would-be thief with noxious chemicals. The chemicals are so disgusting they induce vomit in the majority of cases, and elicit an instinctive response to run away immediately.”

If anyone attempts to cut into the Skunklock it instantaneously emits the sick-making chemical, a proprietary compound called ‘formula D_1’, which the company boasts has “economic implications for the thief”.

“Our formula irreversibly ruins the clothes worn by the thief or any of the protection they may be wearing, and replacing these items is likely more expensive than the resale value of your stolen bike (generally only 1/10 of the retail price).”

WATCH: how does this work



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