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VIDEO: Trump ‘ignores’ a handshake from wheelchair-bound little boy

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump seemingly ignored a handshake again and is being slammed on social media for his move.

After snubbing German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she prompted him for a handshake earlier this year, Trump recently ignored a differently-abled boy and Twitterati has been terming it “heartbreaking”.


A video is doing rounds on Twitter that shows several people standing behind POTUS, including several small children. After a speech, Trump begins to shake hands with them and a small boy in a wheelchair held his hand out in the air to greet him. However, Trump ignored him.

The president was speaking at the White House on various healthcare issues. During his speech he even dubbed the children lined up behind him as “victims of Obamacare”.

But, reportedly he later headed back to the child for a handshake.



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