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VIDEO: ‘Unhappy’ man speaks to wife after 20 years of ‘awkward silence’

BEIJING: A Chinese man being dubbed ‘stubborn’ by some, spoke to wife after 20 years of epic sulk. The man was reportedly ‘upset’ with his spouse over a domestic issue.

Although most couples have experienced a long and awkward period of silence after a row it is unlikely to compare to a husband and wife who have not spoken for two decades – but continue to live with each other.

Otou Katayama, from Nara, southern Japan, continues to live with his three children and wife, Yumi, who perseveres in making conversation with him but has only ever received a nod or a grunt in response for 20 years.

And now the reason for his silence has been revealed – he was jealous of the attention his wife gave to their children, according to Telegraph.

The Japanese couple’s silence was revealed by their 18-year-old son Yoshiki, who wrote into a TV show asking them to fix the situation as he had never heard them have a conversation.

And sure enough, a meeting was arranged between them in the park where they had their first date, as their emotional children watched on.

‘Somehow it’s been a while since we talked.

‘You were so concerned about the kids.

Otou later explained that he has been giving her the cold shoulder out of jealously for the attention and care the children get.

Otou’s children look on as their father speaks to his spouse for first time in 20 years at a park.

He said on the show: ‘I was kind of… jealous. I was sulking about it.
He spoke to his wife for the first time in more than 20 years and told her: “Somehow it’s been quite a while since we talked.

“I know you have endured a lot of hardship.

“I want you to know I’m grateful for everything. I also want to talk after this, I hope we can work together from here.”



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