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Did ‘via Getty’ actually attack Capitol Hill, an image makes netizens go ROFL

The Capitol Hill in Washington DC was attacked by the Pro-Trump supporters whose videos went viral. Protestors were shown to storm into the building and creating a ruckus but one little gaffe caused a laughter on the internet. 

Amongst all the chaos, a photo has been doing the rounds of the man who is seen stealing the podium. It got all the attention not just because of what he was trying to do, but for something else as well.

A CNN political correspondent named Ryan Lizza shared the image with the caption, “Via Getty, one of the rioters steals the podium from the Capitol.”

Take a look.

via getty capitol hill us viral

The confusion began with the punctuation placement. Many netizens were so puzzled that they actually thought that the man’s name is ‘Via Getty.’  In reality, what Lizza meant was that the picture was taken ‘via’ Getty Images, a site that has pictures of all kinds. Therefore, no one still knows who the man actually is.

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However, the internet did not back down. Despite it being hilarious, many still wanted him arrested for destruction and stealing of public property.



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