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Videos on social media capture horror of Paris attacks as they happened

As France was gripped with horror at the violence that shook Paris, video clips started emerging on social media that captured the gruesome scenario as it took place. Gunshots, bomb explosions and frantic, worried Parisians were baffled as the whole scene took place.

Soccer fans, concert-goers and Parisians enjoying the nightlife were targeted by militants who opened fire and conducted bomb blasts. At least 120 people were killed in the attacks and scores of others were injured by the terrorists.

Here are a couple of videos depicting the shocked reactions of the people as the events happened.

In this video, the sound of gunshots can be clearly heard, as the militants opened indiscriminate fire on people.

This video captures the scene when the Eiffel Tower’s lights were shut off, in response to the tragedy that had struck.

What looks to be the reaction of people right after an explosion rocked the place.



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