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Vidya Balan to play Benazir Bhutto in biopic?

Her portrayal of the South Indian actress Silk Smitha in the 2011 film The Dirty Picture was a phenomenal success. Despite earning numerous awards and laurels worldwide, praises were heaped on the actress for her realistic portrayal of Silk Smitha’s erotic profile.

The portrayal of Benazir Bhutto might be a challenging role for the stellar actress yet if anyone can pull it off, it might as well be Vidya. Benazir Bhutto was the first Muslim Prime Minister in the world when she formed the government in Pakistan in 1988. She was a unique, one-of-a-kind charismatic leader who enjoyed unrivaled popularity in her native country. After spending numerous years in exile, Bhutto returned to Pakistan in late 2007 amid security apprehensions and death threats. After surviving a near fatal attack in Karachi, the popular politician from Sindh finally fell victim to a terrorist attack in Rawalpindi, Liaquat Bagh.

The movie is sure to generate a lot of interest not only in India but of course across the border into Pakistan as well. It will be interesting to watch Vidya Balan portray Benazir Bhutto and capture her charm on-screen  with her impressive acting. It will also be a treat to watch how the plot of the film is shaped in order to capture the crucial life phases of the slain Pakistani premiere.

The same source also revealed that Vidya Balan has also been offered to portray actress Suchitra Sen also in a biopic. Seems like since The Dirty Picture, Vidya has had her hands full with offers that come attached with biopics! Let’s wait for a confirmation from the artist regarding the news and keep our fingers crossed as who knows, a Benazir Bhutto film might be in the works!



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