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Pakistani women are beautiful — I grew up watching Umar Sharif: Vidya Balan

She’s regarded as one of the most spectacular actresses in Bollywood at the moment. Portraying a bold, courageous female for Vidya Balan is a piece of cake. The Indian actress, who has delivered smash hits such as The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, turned out to be a huge fan of Pakistani artists belonging both to the film and music industry.

Speaking to a local newspaper, Vidya stated that she was an avid fan of Pakistani artists, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in particular and stated that Pakistanis were identified as soulful, melodious musicians. “We all love soulful, melodious music and Pakistanis are known for that,” she said. “Personally, I love Rahat and have listened to many episodes of Coke Studio Pakistan as well.”

Vidya also gushed about her meeting with Pakistani renowned Sufi singer a couple of years back.

“I absolutely loved Arieb Azhar’s Na Raindee Hai and got to meet Abida Parveen a few years ago too. My God, she has a powerful voice!”

Musician Arieb Azhar


As is the case with most Indians, Vidya Balan also loved Pakistani dramas serials and stage performers. According to her, Vidya grew up watching Umar Shareef’s comedy stage play Bakra Qiston Par. Being a fan of the show was a big deal for the Bollywood beauty, keeping in mind the fact that none of her family members spoke Hindi rarely and Urdu was unknown to them!

Comedian Umar Sharif


“I don’t get to follow any of the shows as I always miss the timings, but I catch them in bits and pieces. I grew up watching Umer Shareef’s Bakra Qiston Pe as a child, although no one in our house spoke Hindi and Urdu was totally out of the question, we used to watch and enjoy it.”

Vidya also heaped praise on Pakistani women in particular and stated that they were generally beautiful. “Genuinely speaking, Pakistani women are beautiful! They look great, no matter what they wear, be it traditional saris or something else.”

It’s nice to see that the Indian actress is full of praise and willing to work in a Pakistani film, provided the script is good.




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