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Villagers kill Indian politician, video gets uploaded on social media

In a sensational broad daylight double murder, a politician and his son were shot dead in village Shamshoi in western UP, India.

Samajwadi Party leader Chote Lal Diwakar and his son Sunil were killed after an angry encounter with locals while inspecting the road in Uttar Pradesh.

In a two-minute video of the clash that has gone viral on the various platforms of social media, shows the two gunmen arguing with the visitors before they eventually open fire, killing Diwakar and his son.

Reports say the locals were enraged because the visiting politician was responsible for a new road which was set to cut across their land.

In an angry scene, a crowd of people were gathered on a narrow path as the gunmen held a lengthy argument with the visitors.

Some people appeared to be trying to calm the gunmen, who at one point turned their backs and started walking in another direction.

But the argument soon resumed as some of the people close to the camera holder followed the gunmen down the path.

After stopping and turning around, the two gunmen suddenly aimed their weapons and opened fire.

The gunfire prompted the cameraman to run away and the footage to end, but only after the corpse of one of the victims was seen on the ground.

According to the Indian media, the politician and his son were inspecting a road which cuts across a field near a village in Sambhal district.

The gunmen were furious because the road was set to cut across their land and Diwakar refused to change the route, it is claimed.

The road was being built under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).

Police superintendent Alok Kumar Jayswal said the two victims’ bodies had been sent for a post-mortem.

Diwakar belonged to the left-wing Samajwadi Party, which holds a handful of seats in India’s parliament.



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