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WATCH: Villagers rescue cat being squeezed to death by huge snake

In a dramatic moment, a group of villagers rescued a cat being strangled to death by an eight-foot long snake in Thailand.     

According to the details the stray cat was hunting pigeons on an archway above the road when the huge snake pounced and pulled it into the street in Tak province of Thailand on Saturday.

In the video that went viral on social media, the white cat can be seen falling from the archway into the road, with the snake coiled tightly around its body.

The cat wriggles desperately on the tarmac but cannot escape the snake’s grip. As it slowly crushes its prey, a group of bystanders emerge and surround the boa.

One man delivers a savage kick to its belly, but it manages to hold on to the cat. Another man thrashes it with a stick, while others threaten it with large metal poles. The snake then releases its victim and slithers away across the street, Mail Online reported.

The terrified cat remains frozen to the spot for a moment before running off in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, the snake was reportedly captured by Tak Municipality Rescue and released back into the jungle.



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