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Woman gives £5,000 to a man she thought was Vin Diesel

In a bizarre act of conning, a woman in Germany was so much in love with Fast & Furious actor Vin Diesel that she reportedly gave away £5,000 to a man she mistook for the actor.

It all happened with a German woman Katja Lorenza, who was in an online relationship with a man claiming to be Vin Diesel.

It all started when the con man approached her from the fake Instagram account of Van Diesel and gave her an explanation that he could not approach her from his official account as it would come into notice of his management team immediately.

I work with actors, and I met Vin Diesel years ago at the Berlinale and follow him on Instagram, the woman said adding that she was satisfied with the convincing explanation and started a chat with the person, exchanging text messages, videos and other material with him at regular intervals.

But only after a few days of chatting, the man asked 45-year-old Lorenz for €5,500 (£4,980) to help him return home from South Africa. As claimed by Lorenz, the man told her that he was in need of money after getting mugged in the African nation.

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She decided to transfer the money.

However, reality soon hit her hard after the man sent a message saying he was a 23-year-old medical student, who finances his studies by duping people.

The case is currently being investigated by the police. No other information has been shared with the media.



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