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VIP culture soon to end here, says Qadri

Addressing the participants of the PAT sit-in, Dr Tahirul Qadri said that there are reports that the government by making an excuse of the attack on PTV office, is preparing to launch a crackdown on peaceful protesters. He said, “If an attack was carried out, I will myself lead the people and then nobody will dare heading towards us”.

The PAT chief warned of ‘Dama Dam Mast Qalandar’ if the rulers tried to oppress the people through police, adding that the PTV employees were themselves involved in the attack.

He claimed that the advertised pictures of the mobsters at PTV office include six PTV employees, adding that the government is misleading the people by declaring the PTV personnel as PAT workers.

Qadri said that we have identified six people involved in the attack and demanded the government to deposit the prize money in return of these culprits, in the Inqilab March fund.

“If the common people were behind the attack, they would have broken up all the equipment and then the transmissions could never be restored in just 15 minutes” he added.

Tahirul Qadri said that those who were quietly listening to Marvi Memon during the PTV attack, were all PMLN workers and PTV employees.

He said that the people of Pakistan have awakened up now and they have stood up against the VIP culture of these rulers, while this awareness among the masses was induced by the Inqilab March.

Qadri elaborated that a flood-affected man threw his shoe on the Punjab CM in Jhang today, while the MNAs are being fined for violating traffic rules.

Explaining the corruption of present rulers, he quoted US writer Raymond Baker who wrote in his book that PM Nawaz obtained Rs 6 billion commission for the construction of motorway, while he received more or less the same amount in wheat import and illegally transferred huge sums abroad.



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