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Viral disease hits peacocks in Tharparkar, over dozen die

THARPARKAR: Over a dozen peacocks have died in Tharparkar after a mysterious viral disease has spread among the bird in the desert area, ARY NEWS reported.

According to details, the hotspot of the disease is identified as village Kharo Bajir in Mithi taluqa of the Tharparkar district. “Around 15 peacocks have died in the village while 20 others are suffering from the viral disease,” the area residents said.

The locals said that they had conveyed to the authorities regarding the mysterious viral disease, however, they are yet to take any action. The non-governmental organizations that work for the safeguard of the wildlife in the area also remained absent in the current situation.

The locals said that the disease had spread days ago in the village and they tried to give treatment to the peacocks on their own by arranging a doctor to examine them.

The doctor informed that the peacocks are getting sick owing to the Ranikhet virus, they said adding that the medic has suggested complete vaccination of the peacocks to avoid further damage.

It is pertinent to mention here that peacocks in Tharparkar have constantly being hit by the viral disease, Ranikhet, and despite the provincial government’s claims to address the issue to save the beauty of the desert, no concrete action is being witnessed on the ground.



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