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Viral photo earns school admission, mid-day meal for Indian girl   

A girl in Indian Hyderabad earned admission at a school and mid-day meal after her photo went viral on social media.

The photo which was published in a local Tamil newspaper in India depicted a girl peeking inside a class room with an empty bowl in her hand.

As per details reported in India media, the photo taken at the Deval Jham Singh Government High School in Hyderabad, was published in the paper with title  ‘Aakali Choopu’ – meaning a hungry look.

It was revealed that the girl, identified as Divya, was a daughter of a garbage collector living in a nearby slum and has a routine of visiting school to collect food leftovers from mid-day meal distributed among children.

As soon as her photo went viral, an NGO MV Foundation took the initiative and arranged for her admission and the mid-day meal at the same school.

The organisation also shared a post from its social media platform in which the girl could be seen joining the classroom along with her parents, teachers and representatives from the organisation.



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