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Viral video does the trick: Suspect who thrashed woman arrested

After the video went viral, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah took notice of the incident after which the alleged police officer was arrested. According to details, the video was being circulated on social media for about a week and it clearly showed an alleged police officer, clad in a tee shirt, thrashing up a woman. It could also be clearly seen how he had snatched a sheet from the woman as well.


According to details obtained by ARY News, the incident took place in Karachi’s uptown area of Clifton, specifically the Gulf market. Sources stated that the woman was caught by shopkeepers of the area and she was blamed for stealing mobile phones. It was also said by the shopkeepers that the alleged female robber had also in the past snatched cellphones.

The woman was taken to the nearby union office, where the alleged police official gave her a beating in front of her young son. As soon as news of this incident was aired on ARY News, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah took notice of the said incident and directed top police officials to begin a probe. Sindh Police SSP Dr. Farooq stated that the alleged police official, whose name was Akbar, was a security guard of the market. Akbar had worn the police’s tee shirt.

The SSP also revealed that the said person was arrested as soon as the video went viral and he was being interrogated. He also revealed that during the course of investigation, the general secretary of Gulf market was also arrested along with another person. On the other hand, the female victim of the incident was granted bail by a local court.



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