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Viral video: Monkey teaches lesson to tiger climbing tree to hunt him down

A video has gone viral on social media platforms that showed a monkey teaching a lesson to a fully-grown tiger who was trying to hunt him down while climbing on the tree-top.

The 30-second video was posted by an Indian Forest Officer Praveen Angusamy which showed a hilarious encounter between a tiger and a monkey on the tree-top.

A tiger was seen slowly approaching a monkey hanging from a thin branch of a tree.

viral video monkey tiger tree-top encounter

Later, when the tiger prepared himself for a killing blow, the money escaped the threat by jumping off to another branch, leaving the big cat losing its balance and falling to the ground.

The forest officer captioned it, “Don’t push your weaknesses, always know & play with your strengths.”

The tiger looked up to the tree and let out a soft road after landing hard on the ground. The video has garnered over 14.9K views after being shared on Twitter.



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