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Virat Kohli’s special message to Aleem Dar’s son

In a phone-shot message, Kohli urged junior Dar to keep working hard and believe in himself.

Aleem Dar was also seen flanked alongside in the plane when Kohli panned his camera to his left. Kohli also invited Hassan to meet him whenever Aleem officiates matches of India, and promised to give him a signed bat.


The Pakistani umpire and India’s Test team are currently in West Indies where Dar is officiating the series.

Last month, Kohli had also sent a message on occasion of Wasim Akram’s perfiume launch. He had began his video saying “Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone in Pakistan” and went on to showering praise on Akram on his cricketing achievements. The video got instantly viral on the social media, especially in Pakistan.


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