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Finding your polling station is just one SMS away

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has made it very easy and handy for voters to check their polling station through text message service.

ECP announced on Wednesday that voters can locate their polling station by sending their national identity card (NIC) number to 8300,

The 8300 messaging service of ECP used to only provide information on the electoral area lately, but now after updating its database, ECP messaging service will be able to send a reply message to the voters seeking their respective polling stations, ECP spokesperson said.

The service will considerably reduce the effort required by voters to find their respective polling stations and simplify an otherwise complicated procedure.

ECP to make RTS operational

The ECP also informed that National Database Regulatory Authority (Nadra) officials will start making the Result Transmission System (RTS) functional from today.

The RTS software will be installed in the smartphones of all presiding officers (PO) who will then be able to transmit Form 45 (containing tabulated results of the polling station) through their phone to the ECP on the polling day.

Those POs who would not have smartphones, the RTS software will be installed in the smartphones of any of their polling staff.

The mechanism of linking RTS software with the central database will be completed by July 21, ECP officials told.



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