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Wanna know what Ali Zafar is bringing for his ladies from India?

Ali Zafar’s latest movie is releasing tomorrow on 16th November in India now the affable star has finally got time to fulfill the promise he had made to her mothers. Everyone knows Ali is a married man so, Ali’s mother and his mother-in-law had asked Ali to bring autographs of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan and Ali has lived the promise.

Ali Zafar’s mother loves Shah Rukh Khan and his mother-in-law is crazy about Salman Khan and they have been telling him to bring them their autographs. So, Ali went to the Khans of Bollywood and told them what he wants. Both the generous Khans have not only given autographs but have also recorded messages for Ali’s mother and mother-in-law. Salman Khan sent Ali’s mother-in-law a video message while Shah Rukh Khan gave an audio message for his mother.

Ali is very thankful to both the stars who have shown warm gesture towards him for his mothers’ wish.



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