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‘Inzamam dragged him down but did not beat him’

Waqar Younis recalled an interesting incident involving Inzamam-ul-Haq while playing a cricket match against India in Canada.

The former cricketer narrated the incident during ARY News program ‘The Morning Show’ when asked by host Sanam Baloch if he ever felt angry while on the field. “We feel angry but we cannot react,” he replied.

Then, he narrated an incident during which Inzamam was fielding near the boundary line when a spectator started shouting ‘Aloo Aloo’ behind his back.

“Inzi was in the slip, but the ground was small and he could easily hear him,” he said.

Inzamam was furious over the slogans and the rowdy spectator, and told the captain to send him back to the fine-leg position. Then, he called the twelfth man and told him to bring a bat from the locker room.

Inzamam appeared patient for a few minutes, but then quickly jumped over the fence with the bat, and climbed the stairs wearing spiked shoes towards the spectator.

The players had no idea what was happening, until Inzamam was seen dragging the spectator from the crowds towards the ground.

This was captured on camera and Inzamam had be appear in court over the incident, while the matter was brushed aside after intervention by Indian cricketer Muhammad Azharuddin.

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