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‘War compulsory against ones opposed to Pakistan’s ideology’

Speaking tat a ceremony with regard to Youm-e-Shuhada, the commander confirmed that the arrested agent of Indian spy agency RAW had contacts with outlawed groups involved in causing unrest in the province.

He said the enemy doesn’t want our country to prosper and for this purpose it is making use of our own people, adding, “Somebody sitting back in London, while other is being used in Geneva”.

Gen Riaz said the country is facing both internal and external challenges at present.

“We should quit the way of facilitating enemy in its wicked motives and rather play our role in the development of country,” he said.

Paying glowing tributes to the martyrs, the commander of Southern Command said that millions of people laid their lives for this country and vowed not to let the sacrifices of martyrs go in vain.



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