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War-like situation in Pakistan led to military courts: Nisar

Any person pleading his case in the military court will be given all chances to defend his case, he told during his address in the National Assembly here.

He said military court apparently seemed against democracy, but Pakistan was currently facing the war-like situation.

The interior minister said the democracy had strengthened in the country.

Nisar addresses National Assembly session by arynews

Every child of Pakistan is in a state of war, said Khan, adding the country was facing extraordinary security at this juncture.

He pointed out that military tribunals were also formed in a country like the United States after 9/11 incident. “As many as 40,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives in war on terror.”

He reiterated that 90% of religious seminaries were not involved in terrorism activity. The minister said terrorists ideology do not coincide with the principles of Islam. The government is utterly against hate mongers, he added.



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