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This war against terrorism is our war, resolves PM Sharif

Briefing media after the meeting of leaders of various political parties over the Taliban school attack, PM Nawaz Sharif thanked the entire national leadership for their participation and the trust they expressed on him.

He said that today’s meeting resolved that this war against terrorism is our war, adding, “We understand that the Peshawar school attack was yet another inhuman act of the fleeing terrorists”.

The prime minister said: “We announce that from now onwards there will be no discrimination of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Taliban at any level and this war will be continued until a single terrorist is not eliminated from our soil”.

He told that a committee comprising of representatives from all the parties will be formed, which will also include officials of the intelligence agencies (IAs), in order to devise a policy plan to cope with terrorism.

He said that the committee will forward its finalized plan to the national leadership for approval and once it is approved then the civil-military leadership will announce this before the nation.

Responding to a question, he said that he is thankful to Imran Khan and all other leaders as well who participated in the moot, adding, “I had in fact asked Imran Khan to honor me by having a cup of tea or I should have one at his place”.

He said it is the beauty of democracy that even the greatest issues are resolved through talks.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan said there do come such days in the life of nations, that everyone forgets individual differences. He added that the individual differences are aside, but we all are united against the cold-blooded killing of children in Peshawar.

“We had fully backed the APC and today we also participated in order to show the enemies that we stand united, and to devise a national plan that what measures we are to take”, said Khan.

He told that after the press briefing, he will leave for Islamabad and will offer funeral prayers in absentia of yesterday’s martyrs at the PTI sit-in venue in Islamabad.

The PTI chief added that upon reaching his container he will also hold consultation with his party leaders about the situation.

At this, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also said, “I have to visit the hospital for inquiring the well being of the injured of yesterday’s attack, or else I would also have accompanied Khan to his container”.




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