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WATCH: Cows eating ‘Golgappe’ in viral video

Have you ever seen a cow gobbling food with utter discipline. Well couple of such cows were captured on a video eating ‘Golgappe’ in the most fascinating manner.

There are no dearth of people on the Internet who make fun of girls (don’t know why has it always been sexist) who are regular visitors of their ‘golgappe waale bhaiyas’ and make a beeline for those little spicy dollops of heaven.

But seems like the ‘so these girls went to a golgappe stall …’ jokes can take a break because guess what.. cows are no less fans of Delhi’s famous street food. A

A video from earlier this year showing two cows gulping down the spicy snack as the vendor feeds them is going viral.

Watch the video here.



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