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WATCH: Did chimp really turned into human in nine-month-long experiment?

It is widely assumed that if a human is left in the wild and he anyhow survives, he is pretty much going to adopt traits of wild animals. The two scientists, Winthrop and Luella Kellogg, adopted little Gua at the age of seven and a half months to see if the reverse was possible.

Their son, Donald was brought up along Gua as brother and sister for nine months.


It was surprising to see that at the age of one year Gua was actually surpassing her human brother, not just physically, but mentally as well. Donald had only got advantage over her when he learned to articulate his thoughts, because here is where Gua could not catch him up as she could not talk.


After nine months, Kelloggs was forced to pull the plug on the experiment because Gua was not a bit affected of having a company of human being, however Donald had started acting more like a chimp. He was copying her more than she was copying him.

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