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WATCH: Dogs literally eat boy’s homework

A pair of dog pets in the Philippines were caught by the camera in an act of eating their human brother’s homework.

In a security cameras clip captured inside an Antipolo City home, two cousins were asleep when an apparently hungry husky walked into the room, where another pug was already waiting seated on one of the men’s chests.

The bigger dog can be seen sniffing across the room before finally coming to ill-fated few paper sheets of paper over which a Playstation controller was being used as a paperweight.

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The dog conveniently dragged the paper bundle down onto the ground and began tearing away. Soon, the husky and the other smaller dog could be seen grappling with what turned out to be the teenagers’ homework.

The schoolmates, when awoke, were confused to find their work torn away like trash on the floor, reportedly. It was only after they viewed the footage that they understood the dogs had literally eaten their homework.



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