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WATCH: Footage of ‘huge dragon’ flying over mountains in China goes viral

BEIJING: A bizarre footage has emerged on the internet from China, showing a ‘huge dragon’ flying over mountain ranges and stirring up a debate over the strange creature.

Some of the YouTube users compared the mythical beasts to tsunamis and black holes as they set out to prove the clip showed a real-life fire breathing creature.

The majestic animal is apparently flying above China – which is considered the ancient kingdom of the mythical dragon – near the border with Laos.

The theories behind what the footage shows ranges from it being a “real dragon” – or maybe a flying dinosaur.

Despite people pointing out the footage had been created using computer graphics, others remained adamant it wasn’t fake.

One user asked: “Dragon or Pterodactyl?” The pterodactyl, known as a pterosaurs, are flying reptiles which have been extinct for 66 million years.

Different people shared their view on the footage, while most of them linking the creature to dragons.



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