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WATCH: Ghostly figure of a man caught on CCTV cam

It was around 3 AM when the creepy and rather spooking figure of man walking across the lower balcony was captured.

Everything seems quite at first and nothing out of ordinary seems to happen at the large building. In fact two floors of the building can be seen clearly on the CCTV tape.


Then suddenly in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen a ghost-like figure suddenly wanders into our view.

The apparition appears to take the shape of a man and walks slowly across the balcony before completely disappearing behind a pillar. After that it is not seen again.


The footage was filmed last year at an unknown location and has only recently been made available online.

It would be more shocking to know that reports of a man shot dead in the same building’s car park just a month before this strange incident have now also come to light.


Although many people are sceptical of paranormal activity caught on tape, it isn’t easy to explain away the hundreds of mystifying eye-witness accounts of ghosts and demons that crop up every day.


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