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WATCH: Harry Porter fans celebrate new year with a duel using fireworks

That is how people in Russia thought of celebrating their New Year’s Eve by taking to streets and putting on a fireworks show with a duel in their favorite fictional character styles.

A video of two men engaging in a colourful Harry Potter-style duel with fireworks in the middle of a street in Russia has gone viral.

Two men engaged in a colourful battle on New Year’s Eve as they shot fireworks at each other in the middle of a street in Russia. After a video of the ‘fireworks duel’ went viral on social media, the police are searching for the men.

In the video, two shirtless men engaging in a Harry Potter-style duel with colourful fireworks, as smoke and explosions surround them. The men shoot fireworks at each other as people around them watch with delight.

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The men can be seen dodging each other’s fireworks which come dangerously close to them.

While some explosions bounce on the ground near the men’s feet, others shoot up in the air, narrowly missing their heads. Some fireworks also sparked near the crown, however, no injuries were reported due to the ‘fireworks duel’.

The incident was reported from Balashikha, a town near the capital Moscow on New Year’s Eve, shortly after the clock struck 12.

The police are investigating the incident to speak to those involved for violating safety regulations.

The video has gone viral on social media, with a user commenting, “Harry Potter vs Voldemort. Moscow Region style.” Another wrote, “Most likely dead-drunk individuals idea. Classic.”

This is not the first time that people have used fireworks in a dangerous manner. Last year, a video of gangs of youths launching fireworks at each other in Birmingham city centre as residents watched on in horror had surfaced online.



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