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WATCH: Hundreds of diggers remove flyover in China in one night

An incredible video footage has surfaced on the internet, showing how more than 200 diggers worked together to demolish an overpass in a single night in China.

The huge machines lined up on either side of the road, and steadily removed the concrete and tarmac to make way for a new road network in Nanchang City, China. The flyover reportedly was removed in August 2016.




The excavators were lined up side by side opposite each other on the Longwangmiao Overpass in scenes that look like something from the Transformers films.


Crowds of people gathered to watch the spectacle of the huge machines working simultaneously (maybe the UK could take a leaf so we have fewer roadworks lasting for months at a time).

Ouyang Qiang, who came to look on, said: ‘Built more than two decades ago, the overpass has served the local people for years. It will be demolished and replaced by a new viaduct bridge.




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