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Watch Imran Khan talking via Google App 'Kaptaan'

Keeping in view the interest of masses, an android app named ‘Kaptaan’ has been released and available on Google App store.

According to details ‘Kaptaan’ is developed considering the current political scenario of Pakistan and the rivalry of PTI and PML-N.  In the app one can watch Imran Khan talking  same as he does at PTI Dharna with the tap as well as can mix up the DJ Butt songs.

Now android users can bring Azadi Square Dharna led by cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan to their mobile devices and keep themselves up-to-date with Pakistan politics.

Following are the features of ‘Kaptaan’,

  • Record your voice and Kaptaan will repeat your words.
  • Capture screenshots of Kaptaan in action and share them on Facebook.
  • HD Imran Khan Model and PTI dharna container.
  • Multiple Imran Khan voice overs with animations (Tabdeeli aa ni rahi, Tabdeeli aa gai hai).
  • Multiple Imran Khan outfits.
  • Multiple PTI slogans (Go Nawaz Go).
  • Multiple DJ Butt PTI songs. (Tabdeeli aa gai hai, Naya Pakistan, Allah Hoo).
  • HD Graphics.



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