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WATCH: Israeli soldier caught on camera stealing fruits from Palestinian vendor

WEST BANK: An Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldier was slammed and later suspended after a video of him allegedly stealing fruits from a Palestinian vendor went viral on the social media.

The soldier was suspended from his position for his ‘misdemeanor’ in the West Bank city of Hebron on Saturday, the army said as quoted by the website RT.

A video of the incident quickly surfaced on social media, showing the soldier taking apples from the cart, which had been left vacant in the street while the owner was hiding inside a nearby shop during a violent demonstration in the city.

The sergeant, a squad leader from the Givati Infantry Brigade, can be seen running over to other soldiers and handing them pieces of fruit.

The Palestinian vendor, watching the apparent theft from inside a shop, can be heard in the video repeatedly calling the soldier a “sneaky thief.”

He adds, sarcastically, “To your health. Good on you.”

In a statement, the army said it investigated the incident and was taking disciplinary measures against the soldier.




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