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WATCH: Maid ‘possessed by evil spirits’ filmed inside family home

SINGAPORE: A man was shocked to see his housemaid creeping around in his house in a white dress and walking around like a zombie.

Nurul Baker claimed that he saw the bizarre behaviour in a CCTV footage of his apartment expressing fear that his maid might be possessed by evil spirits. The footage shows the maid dangling her long hair around her face with her head bowed, and seems to point at non-existence things in the distance.

Baker said that she has since started starring wide eyed and acting bizarrely around the house.

The footage has gone viral and has terrified some viewers. However, some believe the maid could be faking so she could leave the job.

“My maid got possessed by ghost in my flat after she came out of the shower,” said Baker adding that he was lucky his mother and children were not at home.

Some viewers believe the maid has staged the footage to return to her home country.


Justin Chen said that he noticed that she does this where the camera is facing so it can clearly seen.

“She’s not doing it near the balcony or partially hidden. She knows where the camera is facing, and she wants you to see this,” he said.

Chen said that it is unsettling to know the maid does this, and it seems that she doesn’t want to work for you anymore.

” Better let her go, you do not want her to escalate her antics in order to leave your employment. I’m sure you do not want her to spike your drinks or food,” said Chen.

Enzo Lumpkins added that this kind of fake possession very common and other should show fall for it.

He claimed that his maid did it previously, and she confessed that this was exit strategy for all maids.



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