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WATCH: Political analyst goes live on air in shorts, video goes viral

AMMAN: A video of Jordanian political analyst Majid Asfour has gone viral for totally an awkward reason – he appeared on the TV without pants.

The hilarious video shows Asfour appearing on a Skype interview for Al Jazeera, sans trousers! No kidding!

Filmed by Asfour’s son Manaf, the video is of the analyst seriously discussing the Israeli shooting in Amman, and while he appears to be decently and appropriately clothed in the “official” frame, the behind-the-scenes video has him sitting on a sofa in just shorts, having propped the laptop over some cushions.

Ever since the video was shared online, it has gone insanely viral (no suprises there), and uploaded multiple times on various platforms. “The temperature in Amman was above 30oC and I was at home, so I decided to wear a jacket, a shirt and go on air like this,” Asfour told The Jordan Times.




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