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Saudi prince buys 80 plane tickets for totally ‘unusual guests’

DOHA: A Saudi prince made no secret of his excessive wealth to dodge excess baggage payments when he purchased 80 first class tickets of a plane – just to carry his beloved hawks.

The image, which is now going viral on the internet, shows each hawk perched a single plane seat, while parallel row was occupied by the Saudi prince and his guests.

The above (amazing) image was uploaded to Reddit by someone who knew the captain of the Qatar Airways flight.


A foreign website familiar with the development reported that the Saudi Prince had done his research and familiarised himself with the airline’s excess baggage policies .

“You are permitted to carry one falcon on board the Economy Class passenger cabin of an aircraft, and a maximum of six falcons are permitted within the Economy Class cabin of an aircraft (country regulations may apply).”

Image taken a few years ago.
Image taken a few years ago.

One commenter on that thread explained the odd sight: “For those wondering, this is probably one of the gulf states royal families going hunting… Stuff like this is common to a lesser degree in the Gulf on regular flights. If you fly middle east airliners enough you will eventually see someone flying in first class with a falcon sitting next to them,” he claimed.

Transporting falcons in the Middle East is a pretty common practice. Falconry — training birds to hunt — has been practiced in the Middle East for thousands of years and is still a popular pastime in the United Arab Emirates.


WATCH: Transportation of falcons, hawks via plane not a new practice


According to a YouTube user, the above video was taken in 2014.



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