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WATCH: Sea cemetery created in memory of Syrian refugees

An estimate 4,000 Syrian refugees have died in the desperate journey to flee the war- torn homeland and seek safety in Europe since the conflict began six years ago, claiming more than 400,000 lives.


Comprising 200 styrofoam headstones, fashioned convincingly to resemble polished marble slabs, the sea cemetery, created by an aid agency — SupportLife, is a flotilla of unsinkable sadness.



On the headstones are carved names and cut-short years, which would strike resilient pains on the observers.

The world community should join hands to resolve the refugee crisis so that the sea cemetery does not grow in size.

What is ‘The Sea Cemetery’ project?

Project ‘The Sea Cemetery’ was initiated to raise awareness about the Syrian refugee crisis.


A haunting image of this marine graveyard has been transformed into a website , where each headstone clicks to tell a tragic story of the crisis. The website also provides with links to donation pages build to help the refugees.



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