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WATCH: Searing heat is now melting roads in Indian city

The citizens braved the shocking experience when they were crossing over a street in Gujarat’s Valsad area.

The nasty experience was caught on camera as well.



As they got onto this road, shoes and slippers stuck to the melting tar. Dismay written large on their faces, they struggled to free their shoes. Some retreated altogether, others gingerly braved the crossing.

A woman fell and had to be helped off, seconds before a truck trundled by the spot where she fell.

Valsad recorded a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius yesterday, Ahmedabad scorched at 45 degrees Celsius.

On May 20, temperatures have soared to a scorching 51 degrees Celsius in an Indian city Phalodi with the ferocious heat setting a new national record.


Northern Phalodi wilted as the mercury reached a new high, equivalent to 123.8 Fahrenheit, beating a 60-year-old record.

Demand for electricity in the city of 25 million people surged to a record high on Thursday as sweltering residents turned on their air conditioners.

Temperatures in northern India regularly hit the high 40s in May and June, but topping 50 degrees is unusual.

India declares a heatwave when the maximum temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius, or five degrees higher than the average for the area in previous years.



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