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WATCH: Shocking video of a child riding an alligator goes viral

CHICAGO: A shocking video has emerged of a birthday party in the States, showing a 7-year-old girl riding a full grown alligator in the gathering and that too without any fear.

Death, dismemberment, animal cruelty, a range of terrible possibilities could have resulted, but the child’s parents perhaps were too confident on the stunt safety.

‘Bubba’ is an 8ft-long 90kg alligator from the Chicago area. He is being ridden by a young girl called Katie.


The adults in the video tell her to rock back to pose for a photo.

The controversial footage, which was allegedly shot during one of Jim Nesci’s Cold Blooded Creatures’ events, which promote ‘conservation through education’, has started to go viral.

The Chicago-based company throws children’s birthday parties with Bubba the alligator described as ‘a living dinosaur’.

The video was shot at one of these educational events, according to Viral Nova.


Bubba was rescued from the Chicago area and is over 8ft long and weighs over 90kg, according to the company’s website.

The shocking video begins with the reptile pacing slowly along a mat, seemingly weighed down by the child on its back.

A trainer tells the girl of around seven-years-old to put her thumbs up so that her mother can take a photograph.

Watch the full clip here




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