WATCH: Celebrities and their embarrassing falls on stage

Falling on the stage often turns out to be upsetting for celebrities during a live performance or at an event with large public attendance. But it’s not just a case with emerging stars – several famed figures have been through these embarrassing moments.

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Let’s take a look at showbiz stars who drew public laughter for these awkward stage fails.

Sonakshi Sinha and her fashion show scare


It was indeed an embarrassing moment for talented Sonakshi Sinha when tumbled down a step at a fashion show some time ago.



Sonakshi Trips On Ramp by lehren


She got up and continued walking with a smile on her face and that was the best any ramp-walker could do to avoid any shame.

The most infamous Poonam Dhillon’s fall


You may call it the worst of all. Wearing a sari can be dicey, more so when you have to walk under the spotlight.



Poonam Dhillon FALLS on RAMP : EXCLUSIVE VIDEO by BollywoodCIA


Poonam Dhillon had a rather awkward moment when her sari got stuck in her heels making her fall face-ward while walking the ramp in May last year. Despite the fall, the actress rose up and completed her walk.

Sushmita Sen braves stage fail with a smile


This was not the most embarrassing but certainly it shook Sushmita Sen for a few second. The above picture relates to another stage fall of Sushmita.




Sushmita Sen FALLS on the RAMP



During a walk on the ramp she almost fell, but quickly managed to control herself and moved on with a smile.

Sridevi was perhaps making a debut on ramp


It was in Neeta Lulla’s fashion show in 2010 when the veteran actress tripped about three times while sashaying down the runway.





Every time she’d re-compose herself and inch forward, the dress would gather under her feet again making it almost impossible for her to walk at ease.

Ouch! Varun Dhawan almost suffered an injury


Most of the stage falls we have seen were perhaps injuring. This one of Varun must really have hurt the actor.





He was in the mid of his performance at Life OK Screen Awards 2015 when had fell of the tank he was standing at.

Urwa Hocane and that sliding fall


Urwa Hocane was all busy with her dancing stunts during Lux Style Awards and almost encountered a shocking moment when she skidded off the surface and fell.



Urwa Hocane fall on stage while dancing

She certainly was stunned for some seconds before standing up to continue moving her feet again.

Sona Mohapatra 


Sona Mohapatra falls down on ramp at Lakme Fashion Week 2013.




Sona Mohapatra FALLS DOWN on Ramp

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