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WATCH: The ‘most awkward inauguration moment’ between Donald Trump and Melania

WASHINGTON: First Lady Melania Trump has been in the media limelight since Trump’s election campaign and remained the cynosure until inauguration, but one moment of the inaugural day has become a social media fodder.

In a clip that’s doing the rounds, the First Lady and her billionaire husband are surrounded by the crowd on inauguration day – which fell just a day after their 12-year wedding anniversary.

The video caught the moment Melania Trump beamed at her husband during his inauguration before her face turns sombre as he turns around.

But the moment Trump turns his back on Melania, 46, she breaks into a sombre-faced scowl. But some question the authenticity of the video, saying it was played reverse.

She had earlier carried a gift-wrapped Tiffany present to the Obamas on the steps of the White House.



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